…then all things are permissible.

If what’s divine is shuttled in the name of modernity and technology and progress then good and evil are likewise left behind…the irrelevant detritus of a bygone age. And…

“When you pass beyond good and evil, you pass into the realm where might is right, and where anything that reminds you of the old moral values-for instance, a large Jewish community-stands in your way and must be obliterated.”                                                                                                              – NT Wright, Evil and the Justice of God

This is the hopelessness of contemporary life….the false promise of materialism, technology, and science – and their delivery of meaninglessness and the consequent destruction of any notion of human dignity.

As Ivan said,  if God does not exist…then all things are permissible.


2 thoughts on “…then all things are permissible.

    1. Hi Margaret, the reference you ask about (“…an old Jewish community..”) is part of an allusion to Hitler’s belief that morality was a ridiculous notion…and that, therefore, nothing stood in the way of his plan to destroy the Jews. Hitler thought that God was not watching (or didn’t exist) as he proceeded with his evil plan.


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