Virtue or Money…

Virtue or money…

The man with the funny hair and the forward brow says “We’ll win…We’ll be on top again…We’ll make money…We’ll beat the Chinese…We’ll make America great again!”…and the crowd cheers for their hero…and, yet, a few remain mystified asking “How can this be?”

It’s easy…

“If the leading purpose of American society is to protect people’s ability to acquire and preserve property, then who indeed would have a better claim to lead the state than the person who had already shown a notable aptitude for the acquisition and enlargement of his property?”
– Professor Hadley Arkes, Natural Law

American culture has little remaining interest in Virtue. Money now holds sway.

– Native Son


The Allure of Islam…


Last night I saw a program that detailed the influx of Catholic Latin Americans into Islam. As the story went they were “rediscovering their ancestral roots”…Moorish Spain and Portugal having been under Islam for at least 600 years between 700 and 1500 AD. This is, of course, an amazing line of nonsense as the Islamics occupied this part of Europe and the peoples therein for all this time by nothing but murderous force and violence.

So what is the allure of Islam to these people?

The forms of Islam (religious rules prescribing an unbending, ordered, purposeful way of living) appear as a sort of shelter against the pervasive life-sucking quality of western culture and its givenness to its post-modern materialistic-technologlistic-scientististic and androgynistic underpinnings. Modern western man is lost and adrift in his reliance on his culture’s ability to tell him who he is and why he exists – the ultimate questions of life. This is both the endpoint revelation and the consequence of the failure of the 18th century’s Enlightenment world view…that God is dead…and that man and human knowledge are the true messiah.

The western church, having given itself over to post-modern western culture, on the other hand, stands as no shelter. It is neutered and weak and provides no way out of the mire. It is wracked by the same lostness as is the broader culture.

This is, however, a new beginning. The church will out of its complacency arise. She is about to wake up. Watch and listen.

– Native Son