Lawyers…of all people…the new thought police

Democrats, and lawyers, should be ashamed. They herein attempt to criminalize and thereby censor scientific dissent with this fascist move. And we all should be up in arms over this.

I believe the notion of human induced climate change is likely correct. I likewise believe that we need action now to address this likely fact. And I know to a 100% certainty that corporate interests do constantly seek to pervert good quality scientific research.

And, more importantly, and despite all the above, I also believe that this move by these mental midgets is a swing not only at free speech but at the fundamental driver of scientific innovation – that is the existence of vigorous debate particularly in opposition to a majority scientific consensus. The sin qua non of scientific innovation, without fail, in history, has been the overthrow of a majority position by a minority position. Over and over again a majority position falls to one that has previously been disfavored. These are apparently democrat politicians first and critically minded lawyers second – or maybe not at all. And these clowns want to deny the prime catalyst in science because, unlike everyone else in the history of the world, they’ve “got it all figured out.”

And, of course the same “sin” is prevalent in republican circles. I make no defense of them as they take similar positions designed to censor minority views.

16 Democrat AGs Begin Inquisition Against ‘Climate Change Disbelievers’


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