My heart breaks for America, but rejoices in hope.

Lucas E. Vieira

I look around and see a nation divided. How did we get here? How did we get to the point where one neighbor hates another and where people on both sides of the aisle are called liars? How did we get to the point where Christians argue viciously that our only hope to “save” America is to vote for one of two candidates who, in my opinion, are both flagrantly wicked?  How did we arrive at the place in which we have begun to idolize our candidates, placing our allegiance to them over our conscience, our Scriptures, and our love for our neighbor? I have no desire to further discuss the failures of our political system, our political candidates, and the failures of our nation during this time which is filled with both anger and fear, but there is something I must say.

Though my heart breaks for America, my heart rejoices…

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