The summit of philosophy…

“But Moses, who had early reached the very summits of philosophy, and who had learnt from the oracles of God the most numerous and important of the principles of nature, was well aware that it is indispensable that in all existing things there must be an active cause, and a passive subject; and that the active cause is the intellect of the universe, thoroughly unadulterated and thoroughly unmixed, superior to virtue and superior to science, superior even to abstract good or abstract beauty…”

Yonge, C. D. with Philo of Alexandria. (1995). The works of Philo: complete and unabridged. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson.


Life’s three paths…

Ecclesiastes, Job, or Song of Solomon…Vanity, Suffering, or Love. Which will I choose? Which will you?

– Native Son

The Importance of The Resurrection

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Lucas E. Vieira

Why is it so essential?

“Our old history ends with the cross; our new history begins with the resurrection.”
-Watchman Nee

During the easter week, many believers’ Facebook pages and Instagram accounts are full of quotes and statements proclaiming how Jesus is not dead, but alive (and of course this is very true). During the week, I was reading through Luke 22, and it occurred to me that contemporary Christian culture has somewhat missed how central the resurrection is to the Christian faith. It is not simply another Christian holiday, and it is not simply another eucharistic event. It is in the center of Christianity. The resurrection of Jesus has, in some measure, been taken-for-granted in western Christian culture.

“…[E]ven when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grace you have been saved and raised us up with him and seated us with him in…

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Lawyers…of all people…the new thought police

Democrats, and lawyers, should be ashamed. They herein attempt to criminalize and thereby censor scientific dissent with this fascist move. And we all should be up in arms over this.

I believe the notion of human induced climate change is likely correct. I likewise believe that we need action now to address this likely fact. And I know to a 100% certainty that corporate interests do constantly seek to pervert good quality scientific research.

And, more importantly, and despite all the above, I also believe that this move by these mental midgets is a swing not only at free speech but at the fundamental driver of scientific innovation – that is the existence of vigorous debate particularly in opposition to a majority scientific consensus. The sin qua non of scientific innovation, without fail, in history, has been the overthrow of a majority position by a minority position. Over and over again a majority position falls to one that has previously been disfavored. These are apparently democrat politicians first and critically minded lawyers second – or maybe not at all. And these clowns want to deny the prime catalyst in science because, unlike everyone else in the history of the world, they’ve “got it all figured out.”

And, of course the same “sin” is prevalent in republican circles. I make no defense of them as they take similar positions designed to censor minority views.

16 Democrat AGs Begin Inquisition Against ‘Climate Change Disbelievers’

Virtue or Money…

Virtue or money…

The man with the funny hair and the forward brow says “We’ll win…We’ll be on top again…We’ll make money…We’ll beat the Chinese…We’ll make America great again!”…and the crowd cheers for their hero…and, yet, a few remain mystified asking “How can this be?”

It’s easy…

“If the leading purpose of American society is to protect people’s ability to acquire and preserve property, then who indeed would have a better claim to lead the state than the person who had already shown a notable aptitude for the acquisition and enlargement of his property?”
– Professor Hadley Arkes, Natural Law

American culture has little remaining interest in Virtue. Money now holds sway.

– Native Son

The Allure of Islam…


Last night I saw a program that detailed the influx of Catholic Latin Americans into Islam. As the story went they were “rediscovering their ancestral roots”…Moorish Spain and Portugal having been under Islam for at least 600 years between 700 and 1500 AD. This is, of course, an amazing line of nonsense as the Islamics occupied this part of Europe and the peoples therein for all this time by nothing but murderous force and violence.

So what is the allure of Islam to these people?

The forms of Islam (religious rules prescribing an unbending, ordered, purposeful way of living) appear as a sort of shelter against the pervasive life-sucking quality of western culture and its givenness to its post-modern materialistic-technologlistic-scientististic and androgynistic underpinnings. Modern western man is lost and adrift in his reliance on his culture’s ability to tell him who he is and why he exists – the ultimate questions of life. This is both the endpoint revelation and the consequence of the failure of the 18th century’s Enlightenment world view…that God is dead…and that man and human knowledge are the true messiah.

The western church, having given itself over to post-modern western culture, on the other hand, stands as no shelter. It is neutered and weak and provides no way out of the mire. It is wracked by the same lostness as is the broader culture.

This is, however, a new beginning. The church will out of its complacency arise. She is about to wake up. Watch and listen.

– Native Son